The Garden Island – where magic is alive and well. I come here with my family when I miss the smell of rain, the feel of muddy toes and views that’ll make your mama cry (and maybe your daddy, too).  I come here when I want to picnic on the beach with chickens and catch tiny frogs in crystalline waters…to swim where Queens swam and touch untouched valleys. I come here when I want to walk through woods filled with moss and spirits.

On this particular trip, my family and I were celebrating my sister Stella’s birthday. It’s bittersweet watching my baby sis grow up. On one hand, she will always be my little weirdo that only talked via her two hand puppets (named Bacon Juice and Bazania). On the other hand, I get to see her blossom into a feisty, independent and hysterically funny young woman. She is by far the most clever of the bunch (and fire on the AUX cord) and I 100% guarantee I’m going to have to bail her out of jail some day (I kid, I kid)…but she’s also the one I’d want watching my back. She's the reason we have so many animals (she has a knack for finding strays), and is literally my carbon copy..all in all life is good with a mini-me (except when she steals my clothes). 

Below are photos from a single roll of film that I recently had developed—each photo a tiny gem that makes my heart happy.