Interior design has forever been one of my biggest passions. When I was sixteen I decided to completely revamp the flooring in my home (luckily I had a very trusting and supportive mom). I ripped out the carpet like a beast, leveled the floors and laid down tile. I sanded and repainted the kitchen cabinets and every wall in the house. I was tiny and I was determined.

In the past five years I've moved five times, collecting little gems along the way (primarily from flea markets, thrift stores, yard sales, estate sales and the occasional Craigslist find). For me, it’s all about the hunt…sifting through dusty piles until I come across something special and forgotten. I can’t always explain why I choose certain objects but my instincts haven’t failed me yet (okay maybe it has a few times). My boyfriend often gives me quizzical looks like, “Babe, do you really need that old jar of butterflies or that chipping bull skull?” and I just look back like, “Trust me babe TRUST MEEEEE.” There is so much potential in the oddities!

My advice to anyone building a nest is to take your time. Patience ensures that your space will only be filled with everlasting pieces that you love, pieces with a story. Quality vintage furniture is the perfect base for pops of mustard, greens and blue. Layer textiles and pillows, cover your walls with art that gives you all the feelz and fill every corner with plants. Once you think you have enough plants, buy ten more! Some of my current staples include wicker and rattan, weathered books, Mid-Century lines, Spanish tiles, mud cloth, faux fur, solid wood, green velvet and framed bugs (lol).

Although it will always be an ever-changing work in progress (I will never stop hoarding!) my nest is finally feeling complete. Tendrils of burning incense dance in the air filling the room with Frankincense and Myrrh; it smells of the woods, lemon leaves and licorice. Two fat cats lounge in sunbeams on the windowsill, purring as they dream of their many mischievous acts. Gary Clark Jr sings soulfully in the foreground as I hear the melodic click click click of Ronald typing away on his keyboard. The sky turns a pinkish hue and dinner will be ready soon.

Couch , Bedframe , Dishware: @6thandDetroit & @Shoptwinurchins , Rattan Vase: @Bohemegoods , Cat Tree , White Metal Mid-Century Plant Stand , Throw pillows: Ikea & Etsy ,  Faux Cowhide Rug