If fairies do exist, then you’ll surely find them living here wearing nothing but bells and ribbons in their hair as they dance from pool to pool. This is the type of place worthy of a single perfect tear…a place you’ll think about long after you’ve gone, when the lines between dreams and reality blur and you begin to ask yourself “was it ever real?”

I like places that make you question your senses. Pamukkale (while small in size) felt like an entirely different universe blanketed with a beauty that quite literally (figuratively) slapped me in the face and knocked me straight on my butt. My brain could not compute what I was seeing, touching, feeling. Like is this real life??? For real doe?? Pinch me? I’m dead???? Is this heaven??

My boyfriend and I were the first ones to reach the pools that morning, so we were blessed with silence and space as we took in one of the most memorable sites of my lifetime. Upstream hot springs (containing healing, mineral-rich water) trickled down into the calcium travertines that pocketed the mountainside. The formations were ice-white, cold to the touch, solid as stone and layered with a white clay bottom known for it’s calming properties. As I played with the clay the water turned from a robin’s egg blue to a milky white cloud. I sat in those pools, twirling blue and white designs through the water as the sun moved across the sky, happier than a bird with a french fry.

Here I was a fairy, if only for a day.